Automated Blinds Northants.

Manufacturers of a full range of Automated blinds, and suppliers to domestic and trade customers.

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Automated Blinds Northampton - Don Smith Blinds Automated Blinds Northampton - Don Smith Blinds

As automated blind specialists we offer a wide range of remotely operated blinds; from hardwired 240v blinds to battery powered blinds.

Hardwired 240V Blinds: We offer electrically operated Roller blinds, Vertical Blinds (with solar sensor auto open/close function), Venetian blinds (tilt and lift), conservatory roof blinds, Pleated Blinds and Awnings (with Tremble sensor for auto retract in adverse weather conditions).

Battery Powered Blinds: Roller blinds (mains chargeable), Velux roof light blinds (solar chargeable), Venetians (tilt only), Pleated blinds (mains chargeable).

Total Control: All of our mains powered and battery powered blinds can be programmed to RF remote controls, available in many styles, from single channel up to sixteen channel remotes or wall mounted wireless switches. The Somfy Smoove Touch wall mounted switches also come with optional surrounds available in white, silver, black or various wood effects.

Security: We also offer the Chronis RTS capable of controlling all of the blinds in your home wirelessly from one location within your home. The Chronis also offers the ability to have your blinds open / close at specific times, or based on the pre-programmed sun rise / sun set feature.

When the Chronis is in security mode it will automatically open/close your blinds randomly 30 minutes either side of a specified time, giving the appearance that someone is home.

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