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Pleated and Cellular Blinds

Our stylish range of pleated and cellular blinds create a whole new look for your home and provide shade and privacy all year round. Pleated blinds have concertina-like folds which provide a streamlined look.

With over 20 different options you can pick the exact pleated blind for your needs.

Choosing the free hanging fit allows your blind to fall naturally, with a gentle sway in the breeze of an open window. Complementing any room with a light and airy solution.

Tensioned Pleated and Cellular Blinds are a great solution for fitting against glass and are intended to operate fully at any angle, therefore making them an ideal solution for tilt and turn windows. The tensioning system means that the blinds can be raised or lowered into any position and will stay there to give you great flexibility.

Opt for Perfect Fit to complement your blinds for that extra finishing touch. It’s unique installation means that the window blind fits neatly into a stylish frame, which moves together with the windows and doors when they are opened and closed giving you the perfect combination of shade and ventilation.

The incredibly efficient cellular fabric blinds look great while keeping energy costs down. Their unique honeycomb structure creates a thermal barrier between the room and window to provide additional insulation. More information for how blinds can help with household energy savings can be found on the BBSA “BlindsMakeBetter” website, which can be accessed here.

In House Manufacture Mark - Don Smith Blinds


With eight different hardware colours to choose from so you can match the blinds to your window frames



There are various different handle options for pleated blinds, so you can choose the style which best suits you.


The integrated handle is especially useful where window furniture could get in the way of a standard handle. The integrated handle also gives more stability to larger width blinds.

Integrated Handle
Pleated and Cellular Blinds Top & Bottom opening


With options, such as ‘top down’, ‘bottom up’ or ‘multizone’ you can opt for blinds to suit your requirements


Also available as Perfect Fit for quick and clean installation.

A T-post is available for wider width windows, the T-section fits into the Perfect Fit frame, centred or aligned over a mullian, so that two or more cellular or pleated blinds join together to make a wider Perfect Fit blind.

The Intermediate Support works with the Perfect Fit frame when its either installed directly to the window frame or when using the Universal frame

Perfect fit blind with T-Post
Perfect Fit Universal blind


The Perfect Fit blind fits securely on to the Universal frame which can then be fitted inside or outside the window recess. The frame offers no obstruction to your windows and doors so they can be opened and closed freely with your window sills remaining clear.

They are ideal for skylights, lanterns, mobile homes, camper vans, windows & doors.

They also offer superior room darkening qualities and enhanced privacy, especially when combined with blackout fluffy pile.

Perfect Fit Universal is available in White and Anthracite only.


Dual Fabric blinds allow you to have full flexibility over your blinds, being able to switch between the two settings or having a mix for when privacy is needed with a little daylight to help you go about your day

Night and Day Blind
Remote control


Some styles of pleated blinds can be motorised, so without getting up from your seat, you can filter the daylight and adjust your privacy, all at the push of a button

Finishes & Colour Choices

Click on the link to our partner websites below to browse the finishes and colour options, or, visit our showroom to view the full range


Fully qualified technicians to
measure & fit your blinds

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