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Shutters provide an excellent solution to balancing natural light and privacy. They are excellent at regulating temperature as the insulation properties of a framed Shutter create a barrier to the cool outside air entering the room through the window, whilst a white Shutter reflects the heat from the sun’s rays in the warmer months.

Santa Fe Shutter slats come in three widths: 63mm, 76mm and 89mm. The bigger the slat the more light is able to enter when they are tilted open.

Various shutter styles are available offering maximum choice such as full height, café style, tier on tier, shapes and a gliding track.

The Claremont range is FSC certified hardwood shutters, meticulously handcrafted with high quality standards. Available in 9 colour options: 7 whites and creams, a stone and a grey. They are suitable for most window designs including shapes. They offer superior insulation values with their hardwood properties.

The Dakota range is a hardwood shutter wrapped in a high quality PVC. the unique woodgrain of each shutter captures the true beauty of the natural wood which transcends into your interior, 9 colours are available, 5 contemporary urban colours and 4 stunning textured woodgrain finishes.

The Hampton range is a faux wood alternative handcrafted in the UK from HS PVC, making it ideal for areas of high moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. This range comes in a choice of 18 colours.

The Nevada range is extremely popular, manufactured in high quality HS Polyvinyl. It is perfect for gliding tracks and shaped windows. It’s available in 9 colours, 5 contemporary urban colours and 4 stunning textured woodgrain finishes. the high quality PVC composition gives the assurance that the blades and frames will not warp, discolour or crack easily.

Shutters on a gliding track are a great solution for large windows and patio doors and also work well as room dividers. The shutter panels glide effortlessly across a discreet track system facilitating smooth operation, creating the ultimate focal point.
Two track systems are available:
Bi-fold: suspended from a top track, hinged panels enable the panels to be folded back tot he end of the track at a 90 degree angle
Bi-pass: suspended from a top track, panels slide behind one another to open or close.

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Shutter style - full height


Create elegance and a stunning finish with shutters designed to dress the full height of the window. Functional yet stylish window furniture for any home.


Ideal for rooms where total privacy is not required. Café style Shutters are fitted to the lower section of the window enabling you to have privacy to the bottom half whilst facilitating full light flow through the upper section. Café style shutters give the room a continental flair.

Shutter style - cafe style
shutter style - tier on tier


Using two sets of Shutters each tier can be operated independently offering complete light control. Tier-on-tier shutters epitomise the look of understated luxury.


Shaped windows can be dressed using the Nevada or Claremont range of shutters

Shutter style - shaped window

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